Gamer, streamer, professional screamer, all the things you'd expect out of someone competitive.

About Me!

Hey Everyone, I'm Orion The Starhog! I'm a Gamer, Streamer, Jesus Lover, and pro screamer!

I became a content creator for 2 reasons:

First, I love gaming in general, but I REALLY love just being able to sit down with my friends and have a "game night". As a child I always loved multiplayer games, specifically of the "Board" variety, but I didn't have much luck with that so I swapped to Vidya Games. That's usually why you'll see me bring a friend along for whatever I happen to be doing!

Second, I've always been described as an oddity, and my game choices would certainly agree with that! Instead of Metal Gear Solid, I stream Chicken Run. Instead of Crash Bandicoot, I played Goin' Quackers. And I thought it'd be fun to show off some of the games I used to play as a kid and some experiences with older games that I've never played before!


Will you be playing "Insert Game Title"?
I have to look into any game I'm going to be playing first. I like to maintain a PG rating on my videos as often as possible, and it'd be hard to do that if I wound up unwillingly playing some kind of A-rated "Dating sim".

What's with all the "Old games"?
Nostalgia, if nothing else. With the exception of Mario and Sonic I never really played any of the "Childhood classics" a lot of people did. I didn't play my first Kirby game until I was 13, and my first Zelda game was Phantom Hourglass, and even then it was part of a special bundle with some special edition DS's that had the Triforce on them.

Where'd the name come from?
THAT is a concoction of my 10 year old brain that just happened to stick. What started off as a fun little "IMmA mAkE a THinG" transformed into what I have now. It was first little me just wanting to have a little online "visage" to play with and from then on I found it gaining more and more use wherever I went.

Is there any game/genre you refuse to touch?
Aside from the previously mentioned "Not-PG" stuff, Horror. Dead By Daylight being the odd exception to the rule as it doesn't really "SCARE" me. But I'm not a fan of real horror games. Even when I play Phasmophobia with Chroma9 I never leave the van, so I'm not really "PLAYING" Phasmophobia... Yes I'm a wimp.

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